Bathroom and kitchen in your home

Bathroom and kitchen in your home

Most of us dream of renovating and renovating the bathroom. Old cracked tiles, whipped sink, rock tub, stuck cistern.

We are decorating the bathroom

The most important element determining the style and character of the bathroom is the finishing material for the walls and floor. Today, the most popular are ceramic tiles, appearing in different varieties and species, including glaze or gres tiles. They owe their popularity to great practicality – they are very easy to keep clean, do not require any special care treatments and are very durable. In addition, ceramic tiles also have a very decorative character. On the market you can find a very diverse design, color and size assortment.
So we have tiles with geometric, plant, abstract, animal motifs, city motifs, etc. It is even possible to order tiles with your own graphics – your favorite landscape, pop-culture or your own picture – we are limited only by our own imagination.

Time also for the kitchen

Regardless of the size of the room and the aesthetics of the interior, the layout of the devices that constitute the basic kitchen equipment should be in line with the principles of ergonomics. Setting the sink, hob, oven and fridge in relation to each other affects the comfort and safety of work. Maintenance zones should be kept between individual devices – a worktop designed to perform kitchen activities. The most important section – between the sink and the heating plate should have a length of about 70 cm. The immediate vicinity of devices operating at high and low temperatures adversely affects their operation. If you would like to use the built-in household appliances in the kitchen, you should group them in one zone. In a designated place, you should locate a refrigerator separated from the oven and microwave – preferably a narrow cabinet with pull-out bins, commonly referred to as cargo.

If the oven has a place in the post construction, under the heating plate you can locate many convenient drawers, useful for storing pots and kitchen accessories. Next to the sink, there is the possibility of placing a dishwasher or an additional cabinet.

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